Nature, beauty, and loads of green-green scenery!

Out of all the Greek Islands, this is one of the most famous for its fabulous beaches, Lefkas is truly a beautiful place to be. Not considering its’ small mass, this is one urban capital with an equally impressive greenish blue sea and great access for all visitors who decide visit this beautiful place.

Apparently, the beautiful scenery features tall rugged tree covered mountains and swanky emerald valleys which are speckled with quaint villages. Lefkas is worth the view over a thousand times by one. If you want to really get away from it all- (especially the tourist laden streets of Athens with more pick-pockets and Romanians per square meter than anywhere else in Europe), but really this post is intended for anyone who is planning on traveling specifically to Lefkas for vacation and experience like nothing else.

What to expect when traveling to Lefkas.

Lefkas is only 400km away from Athens- the capital city. Most Greeks come to this place for vacation, so also Europeans and even Americans. There is a large number of people who speak very basic level English because it is of course the perfect getaway. Because the Island is very rustic, it would be a good idea to choose transport that is suitable for the roads. Expect to finds very steep, windy and narrow lanes that deserve a 4x4 vehicle or perhaps a Land Rover. We explore much more of what you’ll come to expect from this amazing place further throughout this site.

lefkada-sunsetFew Tips on the odd seasons to travel in Lefkas

The beautiful Mediterranean Climate with its hot sun is something anyone will want to experience. I must tell you that the day gives a smooth feeling of its nice breeze blowing over your skin. However, Lefkas is highly susceptible to windy gusts due to its mountain-like setting. The summer is really a good time to be here. The mountains make the entire place extremely cool during winter. Also for your information, the rainfall season clashes with the winter season here. It has a higher precipitation of rain than other islands in Greece. That is why the valleys are very green with attractive green trees with wide vegetation all over the island. For anyone who is not a friend of the cold, I will not advise you not to visit during the winter. But if you love the summer, then that's the best time you can enjoy your vacation with your family and friends.

The best tips for booking a car or taxi service

Basically, if you will be booking a taxi to Lefkas from Athens, the best bet will be for you to book online. There are some reputable car hire services to book with online. One good example is a company called Europcar. They have their contacts on the website which you can reach. Another way is to hire a car from your hotel room to move around. However, some tourist can decide to just use the local buses. Where beauty and mythology meets, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsor website, Cleopatra Games. They kindly provide us with web hosting and media support and if you like to play free online games, especially about Ancient Egypt and the beauty queen, Cleopatra herself - this is the place.

Travel through Greece: What are the payment methods that work best for you

Off course, you can always use your credit card to make payments. However, if your card is a dollar card, the payment will be billed in the equivalent of Euros. Not all places will accept your credit card, so you will have to have some cash on hand when purchasing some items. Lefkas is the perfect vacation place to be if you are someone that loves nature, running away from the whole metro bustling and noise to enjoy nature fresh at its best.