Bankrupt Greece- What credit cards work best

Or in a nutshell- The ultimate tourist Guide through Greece's tight-fingered economy. Using a credit card in Greece has become a very restricted way to handle your affairs when you’re in need paying money. Greece has hit upon such hard times financially in the recent years, they are swimming in a sea of debt for more than a decade now. Travelers can face many limitations when it comes to the amount of e-money they can spend, and the types of alternate payment options they should have prepared. This is just in case they are to come into a situation that requires them to resort to other means of paying for the items or services they want to purchase. Not to a spoil a good trip in the Greek countryside, you need to know that this is a country that is as cheap as they get but does need attention to how it can work for you.

Where can you use your credit cards?

credit-cards-greekAmidst the financial restrictions, the government still encourages people to use their credit cards to access some goods and services. You can still exercise your credit card muscle such as bookings at hotels, shopping, and fuel stations as one of the few options you can pay for services during your stay. You just have to exercise a bit of caution when it comes to things such as bars and taverns as there tends to be a lot of scammers that can rig the machines, or worse yet- if they use manual portable credit card payment machines. This is a national concern that Greece has yet still to seriously look into. When it comes to restaurants and other places, you may need to check their credit card policy and also ask before you order if they support your specific credit card. This was part of the plastic policy that was set by Cyprus that came into effect in 2013. ATM’s are still reliable for cash flow and credit cards are still the way of exchange for goods and services according to the minister of tourism: Elena Kountoura.

This is partially the truth, taking into consideration how the tourists contribute to a large portion of the cash flow that is distributed through the local shops, restaurants, and bars that tourists frequent on their visit. Credit cards are subject to some heavy charges or not accepted at all Best Credit Cards To Use In Greece:

1. Simmons Bank Visa Platinum :The Simmons Bank Visa Platinum card is great for the traveler that can be linked to a Visa to access travel insurance, rent a car and other emergency services while you are on your trip. you can use it anywhere in the world.

2. Chase Sapphire Credit Card For travel points, the Chase Sapphire credit card is used to gather up travel points to use for basic things such as dining, booking a hotel and the like for just an annual fee of $37. It supports Visa and has 0% transaction fee.

3. Pre-paid Cards- Oddly enough you might choose a prepaid credit card that has a selected amount of money that works like a credit card. These cards are often considered disposable as one they are used up you must add more money onto the card itself to refill the budgeted amount.