Travel to Lefkas: What to Expect and What to Avoid

lefkada-greece-emeraldWe know you’ve have been hard at work- waking up a little too early and chugging down that much needed cup of coffee before after a long day at your good old work place. We also know you’ve been saving up every spare dollar into that piggy bank means it’s one step closer to your vacation goals. Finally after what seems forever, you’ve managed to save up enough to get that ultimate way to relax without spending a fortune! It’s time to book a flight to that dream vacation to Lekfas, Greece.

Wouldn’t it be such a devastating waste if all that was ruined simply by not knowing about this Impressive Island paradise? Don’t believe me? Just search “Lekfas” on Google and it’ll flood the entire first page. Did you know that in Conde Naste's Traveler July '07 issue, Porto Katsiki Beach in the Ionian Isle of Lefkada is among the 'World's 30 Best lsland Beaches"? Maybe its more popular dubbed name would ring a bell- The call it the “Emerald Island”. Lekfas is popular for its amazing and picturesque sea view and green valleys with mountain peaks right out of some Peter Jackson film! If you’re interested to fly to Lekfas for a vacation or you’ve already done some browsing history on flights, this article is not to be missed! What you can expect are honest to God insanely beautiful beaches, sand and crystal blue sea! Imagine being able to wake up to the rise of the sun and sit by the beach with a loved one (or a good book) as the sun sets into the horizon.

greek-wineApart from the beautiful sandy shores of Greece, you mustn’t miss out on their food and wine! I don’t know about you but the first thing that pops into mind when you tell me about “Greece” my mind would be all over its cuisines and most importantly, their wine. From ancient times till present-day 2018, wine seems to not lose its value. Instead, time gave it more value. If you are interested in wine and wine-making, missing out on this would be one of the greatest regrets you’ll ever make! ln Lekfas, there is one place called Lekfas Earth Winery where you can wheeze through their vineyards and explore the winery where barrels after barrels of precious fermenting grape essence is stored and aged at. The list of things you can do in Lekfas, Greece is non-exhaustive and your hard-earned vacation is really up to your creativity (and mostly, budget).

BUT. There are some things you really should avoid doing when you’re at Lekfas, Greece. What you should avoid First and foremost, we all know that Greece has an extensive history especially in the area of religion. Churches and religious buildings or places can be easily spotted because they are in the numbers! When visiting a church in Lekfas, make sure that you are covered up. Your arms and legs should not be exposed and bared. A good way of covering up without getting all sweaty and uncomfortable is to choose a slightly thin piece of clothing (without it being see-thru) and you’re all good to go!

Second warning that you should seriously heed, practice your driving skills at home before going to Lekfas, Greece. Almost every tourist you search on online forums, online trip advisors etc. talks about how tough it is to drive in Lekfas. Of course you don’t need to be a Formula 1 driver or be on-par with the Fast and Furious stunt drivers (I mean, that would be pretty impressive though). Driving in Greece means the pedestrians on the road not only consist of humans but livestock such as sheep and goats. You could try but it is highly recommended that you hire an experienced driver.